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Through studying abroad, you will have a chance to live through a transformational experience that enhances your academic career, professional goals, and personal ambitions.

Study Abroad is a remarkable investment--It is one of the best ways students can acquire global skills and open up professional and personal opportunities. Study abroad is a life-changing experience for many students, widening their views to different ways of life and encouraging understanding and tolerance. There are many benefits to studying abroad such as improved academic performance, higher graduation rates, higher intercultural and language skills,and higher GPAs. Claflin University aims to close the gap of minorities traveling abroad by breaking down the perceptions of study abroad as expensive and elitist. Studying abroad is affordable and the Office of International Education has resources available to help students and their parents plan accordingly.

Claflin offers eligible students the opportunities to challenge their assumptions about themselves and other cultures in an experiential education environment. Claflin University students participate in study abroad programs varying lengths, academic emphasis, and locations. Currently, Claflin sends to students to various programs in countries on 6 continents.

Please visit the Office of International Education for information about study abroad planning, application, policies, calendars and details about Claflin University-sponsored and -approved programs available to our students. Information about studying abroad, please contact:

Study Abroad Application

Visit the Office of International Education for information about study abroad.
Claflin Study Abroad Application
Claflin Student Exchange Program Application

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Study Abroad Program
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