Hillary returns to Orangeburg for rally at SCSU

By: Angel Anderson
Feb 26, 2016
Hillary at Podium Speaking to Claflin
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at S.C. State Friday afternoon for a get-out-the-vote rally.
She pledged to create more jobs and raise incomes – and to help young people start businesses and chart their own future.
Among her statements ahead of Saturday’ s Democratic primary were:
“I don't think President Obama gets the credit he deserves (for digging) us out of the debt that the Republicans put us in.”
“I am a proud defender of President Obama.” 
“I'm not going to let the Republicans rip away the progress he's made.” 
“We are going to stand and defend the Affordable Care Act.” 
“I don't think it should matter where you live in South Carolina or America. You are entitled to a first-class education.”
“We are going to make college affordable. We are going to lower tuition. I have a $25 billion fund for HBCUs.”
“It is also important that we reform our criminal justice system.” 
“I also want to end discrimination against the LGBT community. They deserve their rights as well.” 
“I want break any barrier that gets in the way of America getting ahead and staying ahead.”
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